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Related Business modelling terms

German English
Annuitätenfaktor ; Wiedergewinnungsfaktor (Wiki, Gabler)
Annuity factor ; repayment factor (Wiki, Gabler)
   equivalent annual cost (EAC)
   present value
APV-Ansatz; APV-Verfahren (Wiki, Gabler) Adjusted present value approach (APV) (Wiki, Gabler)
Barwert (BW) (Wiki, Gabler) present value (Wiki, Gabler)
Kapitalwert; Nettogegenwartswert (Wiki, Gabler)
net present value (NPV) (Wiki, Gabler)
   present value
Rentenbarwertfaktor (RBF) ; Diskontierungssummenfaktor ; Annuitätenbarwertfaktor (ABWF) (Wiki, Gabler) Annuity present value factor ; Present value of an annuity for n payment periods (Wiki, Gabler)

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