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Related Business modelling terms

German English
Annuitätenfaktor ; Wiedergewinnungsfaktor (Wiki, Gabler)
Annuity factor ; repayment factor (Wiki, Gabler)
   equivalent annual cost (EAC)
   present value
APV-Ansatz; APV-Verfahren (Wiki, Gabler) Adjusted present value approach (APV) (Wiki, Gabler)
Barwert (BW) (Wiki, Gabler) present value (Wiki, Gabler)
Geschäftswertbeitrag (Wiki, Gabler)
   Finanzierungsrückfluß einer Periode
Economic Value Added (EVA) (Wiki, Gabler)
   capital charge
Kapitalwert; Nettogegenwartswert (Wiki, Gabler)
net present value (NPV) (Wiki, Gabler)
   present value
Kundenertragswert (Wiki, Gabler) Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) ; Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) ; Lifetime Value (LTV) (Wiki, Gabler)
Rentenbarwertfaktor (RBF) ; Diskontierungssummenfaktor ; Annuitätenbarwertfaktor (ABWF) (Wiki, Gabler) Annuity present value factor ; Present value of an annuity for n payment periods (Wiki, Gabler)

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